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Here you will find all the basic information about MORET. If you have any specific request, please get to the next tabs.

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What does MORET mean?

Contrary to what is generally believed, MORET is not an acronym. This name refers to a major contributor of the code, namely Mr Moret-Bailly, who has developed the first algorithms for neutron tracking in the code in the 60's.

How to get the code?

The MORET code is available for use. It is available at the OECD/NEA databank and RSICC. For more information, here is how to get the code.

I did not find any notices on this web site. Where can I get them?

There is no notice or user's manual given here. You will find these documents in the package distribution of the code.

Is there any training course to learn how to use code?

There is not training course dedicated to the code yet. However, we can mention the existence of a short presentation of the code with some exercises in the training course of the CRISTAL package. Note also that you can find some tutorials on this web site.

I did not find an answer to my questions in this FAQ. What should I do?

Please contact us and ask your questions.


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