Publications - 2010

Calculating the kinetic parameters in the continuous energy Monte-Carlo code MORET

A. Jinaphanh, J. Miss, Y. Richet, O. Jacquet

PHYSOR 2010, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, May 9-14, 2010


This article deals with the implementation of the calculation of kinetic parameters recently developed in the MORET Monte Carlo neutron simulator. The direct calculation of the effective neutron lifetime and the effective delayed neutron fraction were implemented. These calculations were made using continuous energy representation, which leads to some approximations especially concerning the adjoint flux. The used techniques are based on Nauchi and Kameyama, Meulekamp and Haeck works. The first validations were performed on comparisons with measures from benchmark based on CRAC, SILENE and CALIBAN experiments. The study shows that delayed fission spectra are needed in order to estimate precisely the effective delayed neutron fraction.

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