Publications - 2011

MORET 5 – Overview of the new capabilities implemented in the multigroup/continuous-energy version

L. Heulers, B. Cochet, Y. Richet, A. Jinaphanh, F. Bernard

ICNC 2011, Edinburgh, Scotland, September 19-22, 2011


The release of the new version of MORET is coming. This paper is an opportunity to review the latest additions and developments committed in this version. A point will be made on progressing validation. One of the main purpose of the MORET code, used by French industrials through the CRISTAL criticality package, is also to be of use for R&D allowing to test and compare simulation methods and other calculation options through a same code (this approach avoids in particular differences due to modeling and nuclear data used). A quick tour of the different simulation algorithms (including the Wielandt method) implemented in the code will be conducted, describing each of their specificities. In addition, some MORET calculations of reactor modelizations and their comparisons with MCNP and TRIPOLI codes will be presented.

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