Publications - 2012

Computation of BFS Experiments with Monte Carlo Codes

E. Ivanov, T. Ivanova, F. Bernard, V. Tiberi, S. Pignet

International conference dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of BFS Critical facility, Obninsk, 2012


The present paper describes experience of IRSN in computational analysis of experiments performed at the BFS facility. The objective of the studies is to contribute to a suit of benchmark experiments useful to validation of neutronics simulation for fast reactor safety analysis. The BFS configurations provide valuable information to the validations, being rather complex configurations for design-oriented codes. The use of Monte Carlo software codes minimises code dependent errors and provides reference solutions for validation of the designoriented codes. Monte Carlo MORET 5 code, developed at IRSN, and SCALE codes system, developed at ORNL, were applied for computations of the BFS configurations along with deterministic ERANOS code, used at CEA for fast reactors' simulations.

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