Version 5.B.1

The main new features for the 5.B.1 version are :

Nuclear Data

Use of the delayed neutron spectrum for the estimation of kinetic parameters.

This last feature is not available for the public releases.


Addition of a geometrical rotation operator for volumes and modules

This operator applies on shapes of volumes or of holes containing modules


  • Calculation of the Shannon entropy;
  • A posteriori automated transient detection based on a keff or Shannon entropy Series.

Version 5.A.1

Numerous changes have been made since the last version (4.B.4) of the code. The dataset syntax, the arguments associated to keywords have been changed. Some keywords have been suppressed, modified or moved into another bock of the dataset
The main new features of the 5.A.1 version are


  • Continuous-energy calculations;
  • Developement of a universal energy grid (with correspondance tables);
  • Modification of the keywords for multigroup calculations;
  • Coupling with the deterministic cell codes DRAGON 4 and SCALE;
  • Identification of materials by a string .


  • Application of geometrical operators on holes;
  • Addition of an operator for the geometrical revolution;
  • Identification of geometrical components by a string;
  • Modification of behaviour for the types PLAX, PLAY, PLAZ et PPLA

This last feature have to be taken into account when re-using a dataset from a previous version of MORET

Simulation Methods

  • Implementation of the Wielandt method;
  • Creation of a method for which some parameters are configurable;
  • Implementation of the Woodcock Delta-Tracking.


  • Addition of the score calculation (quantity of interest)
  • Choice of defaults scores
  • Creation of an XML output file
  • Normality test based on Lilliefors test
  • Estimation of kinetic parameters

This last feature is not available for the public release

Creation of the optional block ASSO

  • Association between material composition and material numbers used in the geometry definition
  • Definition of perturbation options

Creation of the optional block TERM

Description of termination criteria

  • in terms of a minimum numbers of active and passive cycles
  • in terms of a minimum number of active and passive neutrons
  • in terms of a required standard deviation on the keff

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